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Welcome to the MISGRA web site. This site is for the promotion of all Snowmobile grass drags in the state of  Michigan.

This site is open to all Organizations, Clubs and Individuals who would like to post their race events and schedules.

Just Email with your information and  the site will post it as soon as possible.

Favorite links will allow you to go right to other websites of Grass Racing events and Organizations.
*All pictures I have snatched are property of their respective owners.

Grass racing basics
-Tracks are 500' in length, speeds can reach over 110mph!
-Classes are available for Trail stock, Stock, Improved Stock, Pro Stock, Open Mod, Factory Mod, Heavy Mod and Open Unlimited, where anything goes.
-Racers must wear; eye protection, helmets, safety vest, tether cords, leather boots, some classes racers have to wear shin guard protection also.
-Sleds must meet safety inspection; working kill switch and tether cord,  clutch guard, minimum suspension travel requirements, and some classes require rear tunnel enclosures.
-Sleds are also checked to make sure they meet class requirements; engine size, track and traction, legal modifications, and minimum weights per class.
-Most Organizations and Clubs follow the ISR rule book for sled requirements.
-Other Items racers use; clean-out stand, cool-down cart, sled dolly and a rake.

    Grass dragging is a great way to learn about your sled and how to get the most power to the ground.   
Most beginners can be competitive in the Trail Stock class, where only clutching, gearing, jetting and suspension tuning is allowed.   These are registered trail sleds with stock engines.  The tracks are stock and only carbide studs allowed, no chisels.   Most local club races only require helmets, eye protection, tether cords and leather boots.
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